My gallery shows some of my more recent work as well as some older works.  Some are still available for sale.  Please contact me through ArtSeen using the contact option.  The price shown is the price in the frame and it does not show the costs of carriage.


Current Works


autumn walk 01gal

An Autumn Walk

Watercolour and acrylic ink, 512*41cm,

brazilian dancers 01gal

Brazilian Dancers

Acrylic, 51*41cm,

spring last 01gal

Spring at Last

Watercolour, 41*51cm,

valley windrush 01gal

The Valley of the Windrush

Watercolour, 51*41cm,

winter yorkshire 01gal

Winter in Yorkshire

Watercolour, 51*41cm,



reflections dun 01gal

Reflections on the Dun

Water colour, 55*45cm framed,

sunset marshes 01gal

Sunset on the Marshes

Acrylic inks, 55*45cm unframed,

land legends 01gal

Land of Legends Trolls and Fjords

Collage and acrylics, 55*45cm unframed,


edge of cliff 01gal

On the Edge of the Cliff

Acrylic inks, 45*35cm,

jurassic coast 01gal

Jurassic Coast, Water colour

55*45cm unframed,

copper kettle 01gal

Copper Kettle Quince and Figs


copper pot 01gal

The Gleam of Copper nd the Ripeness of Fruit


 blue jug 01gal

The Old Blue Jug

Pastel, 39*35cm, Sold

daffodills 01gal

Daffodills (still life)

Watercolour, 25*30cm

port isaac 01gal

The Glow of Sunset at Post Isaac





 autumn colours 01gal

Autumn Colours


 winter trees 01gal

Winter Trees


 avignon 01gal

Sur le Pont D'Avignon


mask pot 01gal

Mask and Pot Dittisham

Acrylic, 35*30cm

 jurassic 01gal

Reflections the Jurassic Coast at Charmouth


wingsof song 01gal

On the Wings of  Song

Mixed media, 50*50cm