sara barnes 04tn

Sara’s artwork is colourful and energetic; a vibrant mix of texture and colour, painted in acrylics and oils on board or canvas. She uses palette knives, sponges and cardboard strips with plenty of texture underneath to create a semi-abstract finish.

Her paintings are always full of movement, inspired by big skies with fast moving clouds. Windy autumn or winter scenes with wild skies and beaches with sunsets reflected
in the wet sand are her trademark. 

Sara also sculpts and makes statues.  Inspired by the movement of dancers and gymnasts, her figures dance, leap, balance and dive. Her statues are set on granite, or locally sourced oak blocks, which she shapes, sands and polishes to be the perfect individual base for each piece.

Sara has sold internationally and exhibits regularly outside London at Windsor, in Christchurch and locally in Hampshire.

Sara is married to Rod, lives in Romsey and loves her garden and the local countryside.  She runs, (or rather jogs!) and is a very keen golfer.