martin face 01

Martin is a self-taught artist, initially addicted to watercolour, loving its translucency and unpredictability. As has been said painting in watercolour is like trying to train a cat whilst in oils is like training a dog! However he is moving, as many artists do as they get older, to a more abstract style and introducing more acrylic paint. He still likes to sketch and continues to search for a loose confident style in all media.

Martin is a retired doctor and a keen golfer, gardener and a regular at St Mary’s. He is married to Pip with two children and two grandchildren.

Since retirement eight years ago, Martin has painted seriously, and has recently had a studio built above the garage. He is attracted by most subjects and so produces a wide variety of pictures in a range of styles but hopefully will continue to move to a more ‘abstract-realist’ style in 2020!

Contemporary artists who continue to influence him are watercolourists such as Charles Reid, Simon Fletcher, Mel Stabin, and David Howell. And more recently by the more abstract painters such as Fred Cuming, Peter Wileman, Hiroshi Matsumoto and Stanley Bielen. And not forgetting WHM Turner!