My gallery pictures represent  a painting journey recording some of my favourite places using bold colours producing non representational studies which people enjoy relating to; scenes of Devon and Cornish costal villages and harbours and the inspiring Italian landscape.  Please contact me for further information regarding availability, pricing and payment details.

Current Works


 Morning light St Ives gal 01

Morning light St Ives

Mixed Media  30cm x 30cm

Golden Cap Jurassic Coast gal 01

Golden Cap Jurassic Coast

Mixed Media  50cm x 70cm

 Ammonite in bronze gal 01

Ammonite in Bronze

Bronze leaf, 40cm x 40cm

Ammonite in Gold gal 01

Ammonite in Gold

Mixed Media & Gold leaf, 40cm x 40cm

Blue Belle St Ives gal01

Blue Belle St Ives
Mixed media, 40cm x 40cm

High Willhays Tor Dartmoor gal01 

High Willhays Tor
Dartmoor, Mixed media, 30cm x 30cm

 St Ives Sunset gal01

St Ives, Sunset
Mixed media, 50cm x 70cm

St Ives Moonlight gal01

St Ives, Moonlight
Mixed media, 40cm x 50cm

 Mantua Italy gal01

Mantua, Italy
Mixed media, 80cm x 60cm


Earlier Works

fig orange 01gal

Figure in Orange, Mixed media,


fig yellow 01gal

Figure in Yellow, Mixed media,

fig blue 01gal

Figure in Blue, Mixed media,

polperro 01gal

Polperro, Mixed media,

bluepeter 01gal

Blue Peter Polperro, Mixed media, 30*40cm

whealdream 01gal

Wheal Dream St Ives,

Mixed media, 30*40cm

porc farci 01gal

Porc Farci,

Mixed media, kk*kkcm

arrival spring 01gal

The Arrival of Spring,

Mixed media, 30*40cm

olive grove01gal

Olive Grove Tuscany,

Mixed media collage, 50*60cm, sold

staithes 01gal

 Riverside Walk Romsey,

Mixed media, 50*60cm,

This picture was used as the front cover
illustraton for the Test Valley Gazette in 2017

drogonfly wood01gal

Dragonfly Wood,

Mixed media, 60*60cm

newlyn harbour01gal

Newlyn Harbour,

Mixed media collage, 60*80cm

tate porthmeor01gal

The Tate at Porthmeor,

Mixed media, 120*40cm,

morning light 01gal

Morning Light,

Mixed media, 60*60cm

sophie blue01gal

Sophie Blue,

Mixed media, 40*40cm



tuscan dreams 01gal

Tuscan Dreams,

Mixed media, 60*60cm

porthmeor sunset 01

 Porthmeor Sunset, Mixed media, 90*60cm