My Gallery shows some of my earlier work. Currently I have been working on a series of sea-life paintings. I have also been trying to capture the atmosphere of a particular moment and place. Some items are for sale. Please contact me via the website.The size quoted is the unframed work.


Current Works

  after rain 01gal

After the Rain

Acrylic, 42*32cm,

blue pot 01gal

The Blue Pot

Acrylic, 44*36cm,

 baked earth 01gal

Baked Earth

Acrylic, 44*36cm,

budleigh salterton 01gal



Budleigh Salterton

Acrylic, 40*40cm,

 forest ride 01gal

Forest Ride

Acrylic, 41*32cm,

path dunes 01gal

Path to the Dunes

Acrylic, 61*46cm,

sunken lane 01gal 




Sunken Lane

Acrylic, 41*32cm

winter sun 01gal 

Winter Sun

Acrylic, 51*41cm, Acrylic,


Some Sketches

I've put up some pages from my sketch books  as they do give a hint of the styles with which I have worked.

sketch group 01tn  sketch portrait 01tn     sketch portrait 03tn   sketch portrait 04tn  sketch still life 01tn  sketch group 02tn