Please browse through My Gallery which  displays examples of my paintings.  I've made a separate Gallery collection for my work with textiles.  If you would like to purchase any of my work, or would like more information, please contact me via Contact Janet on the right hand side of this page. Prices shown do not include carriage.

I've separated my work into two groups - recent paintings and earlier works.


Current Works

 Offshore 01


Acrylic in Board, 40 x 40cm, unframed

Flowers in Vases II gal 01

Flowers in Vases II

Acrylic on Board, 30.5 x 40.5cm, unframed

Twilight gal 01


Acrylic on Board, 40 x 40 cm unframed

In Line Vision gal 01

In my Line of Vision

acrylic, 34.5x44cm, framed


Putting on Line gal 01 

Standing in Line

acrylic, 45x34.5cm, framed

into woods 01gal

Into the Woods

mixed media, 138x105cm




Earlier Works 


deep stillness 01gal

Deep Stillness,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm, sold

glimpse summer01gal

Glimpses of Summer,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm,

solitude 01gal


Acrylic on board, 40*40cm, sold

walk line 01gal

Walking the Line,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm

forbidden pathways 01gal

Forbidden Pathways,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm

tokyo nights 01gal

Tokyo Nights,

Acrylic on box canvas, 80*55cm


fields gold 01gal

Fields of Gold,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm unframed

ice flows 01gal

Ice Flows,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm unframed,

summertime 01gal


Acrylic on board, 40*40cm framed

viewpoint 01gal


Acrylic on board, 40*40cm unframed

estuary 01gal


Acrylic on board, 41*41cm, Sold 

winter tale 01gal

Winter's Tale,

Acrylic on board, 40*40cm unframed




out of mist 01gal

Out of the Mist,

Acrylic on board, 41*41cm, Sold

 far horizon 01gal

 Far Horizon,

Acrylic on board, 41*41cm, Sold