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Janet works across a range of media - drawing, paint, print and textiles - enjoying the variety and opportunity for experimentation that this offers. She enjoys the process of creating something as much as the outcomes - experimenting with the "what ifs?" just to see what might happen and allowing work to evolve, transform and reveal itself. There is a plan but this is rarely 100% adhered to or the accidental opportunities which frequently present themselves (commonly known as mistakes!) would be missed and lost forever.

Janet's main interest is in colour, texture and how a painting makes her feel rather than in trying to recreate a replica of what she sees. It is this emotional response that she seeks to create in the viewer. With a love of colour and texture paramount her work tends to be bright, bold and often semi-abstract. She also has a liking for the quirky and the humorous.
Her belief is that any subject can be used for inspiration but there is often a close association with nature, place or memory. Her more recent work has been inspired by the Yorkshire Wolds where she grew up.

Janet is a member of ArtSeen, Visual Marks and Chandlers Ford Art Society

As a member of these groups she has exhibited across Hampshire.

Janet has completed:
Foundation in Printmaking course, Red Hot Press, Southampton
City & Guilds Level 3 Embroidery, Eastleigh College
Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, West Dean College, Chichester
Janet can be found on Twitter @janetferguson56, Facebook, Linkedin or contacted through the email contact (on the right hand side of this page)