Helen works mainly in acrylic and mixed media and explores colour light and texture. She takes her inspiration from the natural beauty of land and sea and her paintings capture little snippets of a beautiful world.


Recent Works

night stag gal01 running hare gal01


running hare gal02


shy fox gal01


Dashing hare gal01












Dashing Hare

Mixed media, framed (glass)


Golden landscape gal01












Golden Landscape

Mixed media, framed (glass)

Autumn Reflections gal01

Autumn Reflections

Mixed media

Fire Trees gal01











Fire Trees

Mixed media, 39*35cm framed

Blue Haze Studland gal01










Blue Haze Studland

Mixed media, 40*35cm framed

Purple Reflections gal01

Purple Reflections

Acrylic, framed

River Test Causeway Romsey gal01













River Test from the Causeway

Mixed media, 28*28cm framed

River Test Romsey Late Summer gal01

River Test late Summer

Mixed Media 42*42cm framed

Then the Mist Rolled in gal01

Then the Mist Rolled in

Acrylic, Framed

Winter Sun on Romsey Abbey gal01

Winter Sun on Romsey Abbey

Mixed Media, framed

Purple reflections II gal01

Purple Reflections II

acrylic,  framed

White Beach Huts gal01
















White Beach Huts

Mixed media on box canvas, 23*30cm (unframed)


Works from the recent past

 orange hues lepe 01gal

Orange Hues, Lepe Beach

Mixed media, 29*24cm framed, SOLD

purbeck view 01gal 

Purbeck View

Mixed media, 71*71cm, SOLD

rocks sea 01gal

Sea and Rocks

Mixed media, 83*82cm framed, SOLD

jurassic walk 01gal

Jurassic Walk

Mixed media, 28*58cm framed, SOLD

Looking Through the Arch Romsey gal01

Looking through the Arch Romsey

Mixed media, 24*30cm framed SOLD