I love colour and light and enjoy trying my hand in different mediums. Currently, I'm particularly enjoying using acrylics and experimenting with collage. In this gallery I am showing some of my current and earlier works.


Current Works



Cariads Walk

Oil on board 48x38 framed



Bait gal 01


Mixed media on mount board 51x47 framed

Mellow Yellow gal 01

Mellow Yellow

Mixed media on mount board 47x41 framed. SOLD

sunny day 01gal 


Box Canvas, Acrylic 50 x 50cm

Done fishin gal 01

Done Fishing

Acrylic on Board, Framed 48 x 38cm


down shadylane 01gal

Down a Shady Lane

Acrylic on boxed canvas, 60 x 30cm,

Lochside gal 01 


Oil on Board, Framed 36 x 46cm

 Edinburgh gal 01



Oil on Board, Framed 48 x 58cm

Nightflight gal 01



Oil on Canvas, Framed 56 x 44cm

 poppyfield gal 01


Poppy Field

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, 33 x 28cm

Fireside Cat gal 01 

Fireside Cat

Acrylic on Paper 44 x 56cm SOLD


coming home 01gal

Coming Home the Lucky Ones

Mixed media on board, 43*33cm framed


letter home 01gal

 Letters from Home

Mixed media, 43*33cm framed

Warcollage gal 01

Letters from Home

Mixed media, 43*33cm framed

These three pictures were inspired by the centenary of the end of the Great War.
Both my Grandads served in the trenches and came home safely ; my great uncle Alexander Grant did not return.
The first two pictures show men relaxing, reading letters from Home, the third shows them coming home. I found all the stories told by the veterans intensely moving.
Shoreline gal 01
After recently attending a workshop with the well known artist Chris Forsey, I am experimenting with acrylic inks,paints and watercolours. Producing a much looser, fluid style, I'm enjoying myself!



Acrylic on Paper,

Framed, 50 x 70cm



Earlier Works


danes road 01gal

Danes Road

Oil on canvas, 49*67 framed

I've always been fascinated by the tale of how Danes Road in Awbridge got its name and driving home from Lockerley after a day spent painting I found myself thinking about the Danes who attacked Romsey then carried on and sacked Awbridge. The image was there in my minds eye....exactly as you see. I sketched them that afternoon, started painting them the next day. Over a thousand years later it's still remembered.....the Danes Road.

 almost home 01gal

Almost Home,

Oil on canvas, 46*46cm,

beach babes 01gal

Beach Babes,

Oil on board, 61*51cm,

canada common 01gal

Canada Common,

ACrylic on canvas, 33*33 framed


dune jumping01gal 

Dune Jumping,

oil on board, 55x45cm,

 godrevy ghosts 01gal

Godrevy Ghosts,

Mixed media collage, 35*45cm,

guardians 01gal


Mixed media collage, 35*45cm,

lizard 01gal

The Lizard,

Oil on canvas, 48*48cm,

durdle door 01

Durdle Door nr 2,

Oil on canvas, 44*44cm framed


apple day01gal

An Apple a Day,

Oil on canvas, 41*41cm, ,

cadgwith nr1 01gal

Cadgwith Village Nr1,

Collage and mixed media, 45*33 cm,

heddons mouth01gal

Heddons Mouth Nr1,

Oil on canvas, 41*41cm,

newtown creek nr2 01gal

Newtown Creek Nr2,

Oil on canvas, 41*41 cm,

sailing away 01gal

Sailing Away,

Collage and mixed media, 61*41cm,



100years 01gal

100 Years After the Battle,

Oil on canvas, 55*75cm framed, £260

fish for sale 01gal


Fish For Sale,

Collage on canvas acrylic inks, 60*90cm, sold