Imagine ... you are an artist, you would like to meet others and work with them in a supportive environment and also tap into the village's Coffee Shop for coffee, tea and home made cakes.

artseen at work 01pcMost Thursdays the ArtSeen Group meets at Lockerley Village Hall - the obvious exceptions are when the group is supporting one of its major shows.  We would welcome newcomers to join us. Yes, there is a charge which is £5 for a normal day and this runs from 1000 through to 1530 and this helps us to cover the cost of the hire of the hall for the day. 









artseen at work 02pcSo ... what happens? ...Well, there are tables set up in the hall and you ... well, paint! There i's a fully supportive crew on hand - we were all progressing. There's no teacher but, at the end of the day we usually line up the works we've been labouring on and allow each of us to comment constructively on what they can see.

Sometimes we can afford to hire a live model and we can run a life class - model fees will need to be covered. Life classes, as all classically trained artists will have experienced, are the peak of challenge and you are welcome to take part. 

If you are interested use the contact us form and we'll give you the up to date gen. 

logo ios57 01At least once, and often twice, per year ArtSeen organises a group workshop and project day. Some times the event is simple - challenge each member to use a medium or technique that they do not commonly use - but each focuses on the same subject matter. Sometimes the group plans a week away at some scenic site, sometimes the week will take place under the guidance of an artist who is locally well known in that area. Sometimes it takes place in a village hall under the tutelage of a visiting artist.

logo ios57 01holbury04 tnWe asked to be given a free rein to wander around the fishery lakes of Holbury Mill in Lockerley and, from that day, came a group sketch book which you can download as a PDF and view.  There's a story and more to be told and you may find it there.  The Mill at Holbury has a heritage that reaches back at least to Domesday book times although the mill that there stands today is well fewer than a thousand years old. 

logo ios57 01Some of the members gathered at Docken Bridge in England's famed New Forest (see link for a brief run through of its history).  It's fascinating to see how differently each members' work turned out - you'll need to check the gallery of each member to see what may be there to give you an idea.  It's roughly the same scene but such a different approach.


logo ios57 01 dittisham wshp jun13 01tn It takes some organisation to bring together a bunch of creatives but ArtSeen has achieved the tough stuff once more.  In June 2013 the well planned week away - well, actually just five days - took place at Dittisham on the Devon coast.  The sun held out for the whole period and sketching took place on the beach, under shade, with the usual influence of wine and the bursts of creativity back in the studio.

  You'll probably see images from the work done there on the gallery pages of some of the group's artists.  Life changes and some of those present have moved on whilst new faces have since joined the group.