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John has been an artist for more than thirty years, it began as an idea of what he wanted to do when he retired from playing sports, also what to do in his retirement from work.
John went to evening classes, to learn more about techniques, the history and the art masters. Eventually getting an A level pass in Practical and History of Art.
Over the years John's influences have advanced from the early days of Caravaggio, Turner and Monet, then onto modern artists such as Malevich and Lempicka.
The biggest influence on John has been the Jan Janes' classes, at Romsey school, she encouraged him to create his own style, and look at himself as an artist rather than a hobby painter.
John enjoys using all the kinds of different mediums, and on different types surfaces. He recently painted a mural on a 10 x 15 foot wall in a rest home in Winchester. His recent paintings are all part of a series, usually three to five of the same subject and medium. John prefers to start of any work with sketches and then let the painting determine its own outcome.




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